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We help homeowners and sellers in MN to make their houses their homes and when it comes time to sell realize the highest price possible!

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Modern Edge Home Services Helps Solve Your Issues Before you Sell!

We provide professional services in MN for home sellers and home owners.  We help you focus on the projects that are going to get you the most money when you sell.  

Modern Edge Home Services is one of Minneapolis‘s top contractors specializing in getting you the most money from your home sale! We will help you prioritize what needs to be done, what can be done by you the home owner and what you really need help with.  We even have financing options so you can do the work now and pay it off when the home sells!

A big passion of ours is helping to be a part of beautifying the communities we work in by helping people navigate these projects with ease!

Upgrade the home you live in instead of selling!

Moving is hard and expensive.  It really isn’t the best option for everyone.  For some, it’s just upgrading and keeping up with the trends, for others it’s planning for the long term and making the current home fit your needs long term.  We get it, these are difficult decisions and we are here to get you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Thinking of Selling Your MN House Fast? We help homeowners evaluate renovation needs before selling in Minneapolis and Throughout MN. See How…

We help sellers in Minneapolis MN get ready to make the most possible from their home sale! Working with our sales partners we can give you the complete picture on what your home is worth currently and what it would be worth with some smart upgrades.  We help people all around the Minneapolis area.

If you are looking to sell a MN home quickly, we would like the opportunity to give you a free no-commitment consultation with no high-pressure sales tactics.  I promise!